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How it works?


Let us know about the positions you are looking to fill and any specific requirements you are seeking in candidates.


Select from our ready made tasks or have us create a custom one to find the best fit for your company.


Get in-depth rankings and feedback for the candidates to help you make the most informed hiring decision.

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I thought that the ∅hr test tasks were like algorithm problems. However, after carefully studying the coding task and the evaluation process, I verified that it is at least as good as, if not better than, an assessment we would make in-house, using our engineers' valuable resources.

John Burnham, CEO at Lurk Lab.

Tests that matter

We utilise a scalable performance metric to evaluate IT professionals' skills accurately, enabling us to provide precise rankings for senior, middle, or junior positions.

Unlike our competitors who rely on computer science tasks, our tests are grounded in real-world business challenges specific to your technology stack, ensuring that the candidates you hire have skills aligned with your needs.

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Our automated test tasks are based on actual industrial problems and designed to evaluate your readiness for professional positions. High performers can get access to top-tier job opportunities. Beginners who have enough skills can prove it and turn a hobby stack into a professional position!