About ∅hr

∅hr is an innovative platform, forged through the collaboration of seasoned IT executives and industry veterans with over 15 years of experience. We possess a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by tech companies in today's competitive landscape.

Through our comprehensive testing process, ∅hr streamlines the recruitment journey. In the hiring funnel, it replaces screening with ranking, moving it between sourcing and the final interview enabling businesses to identify top-tier talent more efficiently than ever and make strategic hiring decisions.


At ∅hr, our philosophy is rooted in the power of measurable performance. We recognize that in order to truly rank candidates fairly and accurately, the evaluation must be consistent, unbiased, and precise.

Traditional interview methodologies often fall prey to inherent biases, introducing variability in evaluations and making comparisons challenging. By adhering to the principle that every candidate should be presented with identical challenges and be measured using the same metrics, we ensure a level playing field.

Beyond mere technical prowess, we value the soft skills which are crucial to any successful developer – diligence, comprehension of the specification, and the finesse to identify nuances in challenges. Our approach is not only about measuring the hard skills, but also identifying those intangible qualities that set exceptional developers apart.


Our methodology at ∅hr marries precision with clarity, emphasizing both quantitative metrics and qualitative evaluations. Here's how we achieve this:

  • Continuous Scoring Mechanism: Challenges are designed to provide a continuous measure of technical proficiency. This means a junior developer might be expected to score 1000 points, whereas a senior could get up to 50,000 points. It is achieved because at the cores of our tasks lie NP-complete problems. We also make sure that smart heuristics and industry-inspired optimizations can provide a significant score boost.
  • Discrete Evaluation Flags: Apart from continuous performance scores that demonstrate overall competence of an IT professional, we've integrated specific markers in our challenges. These flags assess attributes like diligence, comprehension of the specification, and attention to task nuances. Our evaluation flags are designed to provide a holistic assessment of a candidate's skills, beyond just technical proficiency. This sort of evaluation has informed our method of testing the submissions. We allow each candidate up to two attempts: first is expected to fail some of these discrete flags, whereas the second is there to check that the candidate is capable of fixing imprecisions.
  • Bias Mitigation: Ensuring unbiased evaluations is at the core of our methodology. By utilizing a statistically stable scoring method in a pseudonymous setting, we focus purely on skills, potential, and merit, sidelining any potential biases. The way we approach statistical significance of the results is twofold:
    • Repeated submission running: when our hardware is idle, we pick a submission that was evaluated the least and rerun it, collect the score, adjust the mean value and make sure that most of evaluations fall close to this recomputed mean.
    • Score normalization: each task that we have has a few solutions we made ourselves. We run those submissions a lot, observing the variance in the scores. Every time we run a candidate's submission, we run our submission alongside it and then, since we have a lot of data for own submission performance, we normalize the score produced by the candidate based on where did the basic score lies on this particular invocation. Of course, we preserve absolute scores as well to cater for repeated submission running.

Through the above pillars, the ∅hr methodology provides a holistic, impartial, and thorough assessment, setting the stage for businesses to identify top-tier tech talent.


Jons Mostovojs, CTO London, UK

A veteran programmer and a renowned founder with an everlasting passion for technology and properly quantified things.

Pola Stasule, CEO London, UK

A data scientist with background in trading and regulation enforcement, which enables us to generate the signal of highest quality from the data we have.

Olexandr Maslo, Task Engineer Uzhgorod, Ukraine

A polyglot industrial programmer, who is at the forefront of industrial approach analysis in ∅hr. He can learn any framework in days!

Arsenijs Gluhihs, Task Engineer Riga, Latvia

A creative developer who can find a solution to any problem, which is invaluable in our business. A resident expert in kinematic programming.

Ilona Prikule, Task Engineer Munich, Germany

A formally trained mathematical linguist and a seasoned expert in functional programming. She makes sure that our task specefications are perfect.

Kristaps Vapa, Head of Design Riga, Latvia

An experienced designer and visual artist with a deep appreciation for hard concepts, and a skill to communicate those in an understandable way.